Aspect Sports Unveils Team Tiigers of Kolkata Logo Ahead of Indian Street Premier League Debut

Tiigers of Kolkata

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 28: Aspect Sports is excited to reveal the official logo for Team Tiigers of Kolkata, a significant milestone in Aspect Group’s venture into the sports industry through the Indian Street Premier League (ISPL). This introduction is a cornerstone of Aspect Group’s strategy, led by Aksha Kamboj, Executive Chairperson of Aspect Global Ventures Pvt. Ltd., showcasing a firm intent to nurturing the sports culture in India with a commitment to invest Rs 120 crore.

The newly unveiled logo of Team Tiigers of Kolkata captures the essence of power, agility, and competitive spirit that the team stands for. At the heart of the design is a majestic tiger emblem, symbolizing strength, leadership, and fearlessness. The logo is adorned with the bold inscription “TIIGERS OF KOLKATA ” above the tiger, asserting the team’s proud association with the city and its heritage. The tagline “Shakkti kka swag” encapsulates the team’s blend of power and style, setting a bold tone for their participation in the league.

The carefully selected color palette represents the team’s multifaceted identity: yellow signifies energy and optimism, symbolizing the team’s vibrant and forward-thinking approach. Red evokes passion and intensity, reflecting the team’s commitment to excellence and victory. Its different shades offer a touch of elegance and tradition, connecting the team with the rich cultural heritage of Kolkata. Green stands for growth and harmony, underscoring the team’s dedication to community engagement and environmental consciousness.

Aksha Kamboj’s passion for sports and the ISPL is the driving force behind this initiative. Her vision for Team Tiigers of Kolkata and the league at large encompasses not just competitive success but also the promotion of sports at the grassroots level, fostering community engagement, and harnessing the power of sports to unite and inspire.

Expressing her enthusiasm on the logo launch, Aksha Kamboj stated, “Our involvement in the ISPL, and particularly with Team Tiigers of Kolkata, is a testament to our belief in the transformative power of sports. We’re not just investing in a team; we’re investing in the potential of sports to inspire, unite, and make a lasting impact on society. The launch of the Team Tiigers of Kolkata logo symbolizes our commitment to excellence, community, and the enduring spirit of competition.”

This logo launch precedes the much-anticipated first ISPL tennis ball T10 cricket tournament, set to captivate audiences from March 6 to 15 in Mumbai. The league promises to revolutionize the cricketing landscape by merging the excitement of street cricket with the grandeur of traditional formats. 

Under Aksha Kamboj’s leadership, Aspect Sports, the sports division of Aspect Group, is dedicated to transforming the sports industry by investing in initiatives that promote talent, passion, and innovation. The unveiling of the Team Tiigers of Kolkata logo is a declaration of the team’s identity and ambition, symbolizing a new chapter in Indian sports that aligns with Kamboj’s vision of fostering a vibrant sports culture and impacting grassroots sports development.

As Team Tiigers of Kolkata prepare to make their debut in the upcoming ISPL season, the new logo stands as a beacon of inspiration and a rallying cry for fans, players, and stakeholders. As we count down to the electrifying matches of the ISPL, Team Tiigers of Kolkata, with their emblem of power and swag, are poised to leave an indelible mark on the tournament and the hearts of cricket enthusiasts nationwide.

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