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Steelbird Hi-Tech Emerges as the World’s Largest Helmet Producer, with 80 Lakhs Units Sold Worldwide In 2023 – Group Revenue Soars to 687 Crores

New Delhi (India), February 17: Steelbird Hi-Tech, a leader in helmet manufacturing, proudly announces its status as the world’s largest helmet producer, achieving an outstanding sales milestone of 77,99,273 helmets globally. The company’s commitment to innovation, safety, and quality has propelled it to the forefront of the industry.

In addition to the remarkable helmet sales, Steelbird Helmet has successfully sold 3,44,865 Side Boxes, contributing to a total of 81,44,138 units sold worldwide. The group’s revenue has witnessed an impressive surge, reaching 687 crores in the calendar year 1st January 2023 to 31st December 2023.

The accomplishment is attributed to the dedication and hard work of the entire Steelbird team, along with their comprehensive in-house production capabilities. The company has produced a staggering 80 lakh helmets in the previous calendar year alone, and the ambitious goal for the current calendar year 1st January 2024 to 31st December 2024 is to reach 10 million helmet productions.

Mr. Rajeev Kapur, the Managing Director of Steelbird Hi-Tech, emphasized the company’s commitment to road safety. He shed light on the alarming statistics surrounding road fatalities in India, citing reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) stating that 300 thousand people die on Indian roads annually. However, Mr. Kapur expressed concern that the actual numbers could be much higher due to underreported accidents in regions without adequate traffic police.

“Many states and districts in our country lack proper traffic police, and numerous accidents go unreported. If we check the data with insurance companies, the numbers are much more staggering. Therefore, it is our duty to address this issue urgently, leaving no stone unturned,” stated Mr. Rajeev Kapur.

We have been a pioneer in helmet manufacturing, producing everything in-house, including EPS, buckles, stickers, rivets, and more, except for packaging. This comprehensive approach ensures the highest standards of quality and safety in each product.

As the world’s largest helmet producer, Steelbird Helmet remains committed to its mission of promoting road safety and saving lives. The company looks forward to continued success and growth while contributing to the crucial cause of reducing road accidents globally.

With global domination of more than 50 years and the inspiration to protect bike lovers and adventure enthusiasts all over the world, Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd. (SBHT) was founded on 13th March 1964. SBHT, a flagship company of Steelbird Group of Industries, ventured into the unknown territory of auto accessory business to manufacture helmets.

From humble beginnings come great achievements. Leaving behind the savagery of partition, Mr. Subhash Kapur, a man of exceptional business acumen spearheaded his efforts to turn a small-time family business into a multimillion-dollar empire with exports spreading across 50 nations like Brazil, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Vietnam, Bahrain, Dubai, Nepal, Colombia, Uruguay and other European countries. SBHT has already embarked on real estate business, entertainment and is also actively involved in organizing motorsports events on a regular basis.

Excellent quality imparts national and international recognition especially when it comes to manufacturing Motor Cycle Helmets with Sweat Resistant Interiors, Pannier Boxes, Helmet Locking Devices (HLD) and Auto Accessories, all manufactured with avant-garde technology. SBHT specializes as an OEM to top-notch clients as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Royal Enfield. Customers can now buy SBHT products directly via mobile optimized online store.

SBHT has emerged as the oldest and leading manufacturers of Helmets, Pannier Boxes and Auto Accessories in India. It has marked formidable presence across all business verticals, national and international alike. It has PAN India distribution channel together with presence in 2-tier and 3-tier cities too and sells wide variety of products to government agencies like CSD and CPC as well.

In technical collaboration with global giants like Composites, Bieffe and AD Engineering, Italy, SBHT has cutting edge manufacturing facility in all 6 of its plants and the largest one is in Baddi (Himachal Pradesh), near Chandigarh with over one hundred and fifty thousand Sq. ft. of covered area. SBHT has installed capacity of 22000 Helmets per day and 1600 Side Boxes (Pannier Box) per day. To achieve this capacity, SBHT has deployed a fleet of latest Equipments, Injection Moulding Machines, Automatic Robotic Visor Lines, and Balloon Moulding Machines. SBHT has a complete range of 51 Helmet models and 17 Pannier Boxes models, each having 3 to 9 colour variants.

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