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Comfene Extends Commitment to Menstrual Care with Official Launch on World Menstrual Hygiene Day

New Delhi (India), May 28:  In a relentless pursuit to enhance menstrual hygiene for the greater good, Comfene, an innovative menstrual hygiene enabler, officially marked its launch on World Menstrual Hygiene Day. Backed by Blue Ocean Labs, Comfene is poised to become the epitome of innovation and social responsibility, empowering each woman to #CarryYourConfidence. Through meticulous research and development, the brand is dedicated to delivering unparalleled effectiveness and ultimate user comfort, revolutionizing menstrual hygiene for all.   

Comfene range of sanitary pads is a menstrual revolution aiding everyday comfort. It includes both mainstream pads and a soon-to-be-launched pioneering Graphene-infused sanitary pad, which carries a reputation of being truly revolutionary to the core. Pioneering the use of Graphene, a Nobel Prize-winning technology in sanitary pads, it signifies a paradigm shift in menstrual wellness. These innovative pads are a much-needed invention that gives the limelight to the problem of menstrual cramps faced by women. An untapped powerhouse product on the market, it significantly reduces menstrual discomfort by 70-90%. Also, its large surface area acts like a sponge, absorbing and dispersing moisture for superior dryness and ventilation.

Mr. Siddharth Bhavsar, Co-Founder of Comfene, said, “Comfene marks a major advancement in menstrual care technology. It has evolved into a product through rigorous research and development around menstrual hygiene. We are determined to ensure the safety, efficacy, and superiority of Comfene’s range. From optimising the molecular structures to engineering advanced manufacturing processes, every step has been crafted to take the standard of feminine hygiene several notches higher. The launch shall equip us to promote an inclusive and empowered culture by attending to the essential needs of women.”

Further building upon his sentiments, Mr. Manjit Vishal, Co-Founder of Comfene, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Menstrual hygiene is a critical yet sensitive factor, directly impacting the social and economic well-being of women and girls everywhere. That’s why, on this World Menstrual Hygiene Day, we’re honoured to launch Comfene as a pioneering force.  We’re focused on innovation to drive social impact and transform this vital arena for all.”

Comfene’s mainstream sanitary pad range prioritises both comfort and dryness. These pads feature a deeply absorbent core wrapped in a soft, dry cover.  The design ensures a gentle feel against the skin while effectively locking away fluids and boasting antibacterial properties. Comfene mainstream pads go beyond basic protection, focusing on a woman’s overall comfort and well-being, ultimately enhancing the usage experience.

They are made from a natural, pulp for a gentle feel and further infused with Gel Technology (SAP) for fast absorption. It comes with a super soft top sheet and boasts 2x wider coverage and an improved channelling system that effectively locks in fluids. Available in a range of sizes, from 240mm to 280mm, the brand strives to cater to every woman’s needs at budget-friendly prices ranging from Rs 30 to Rs 110, respectively. The range is available at your nearby local General Stores, as well as online through platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho.

About Comfene –

Comfene, a brand under the umbrella of Blue Ocean Labs, is committed to revolutionizing menstrual hygiene through innovative solutions. With a focus on technology, empathy, and social responsibility, Comfene aims to empower women and foster positive societal change. Comfene sanitary pads are designed to provide ultimate comfort to the user. Its USPs include super absorbent sheets to manage heavy flow and Petal Soft dermatologically tested Top sheets. Premium variety of Comfene ultra-thin pads are infused with Nobel-winning Graphene technology, it includes a Graphene anion strip, which is scientifically aimed to reduce menstrual cramps and provide extra comfort and dry feel during periods. 

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