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1xl Hosts ‘Magical Science’ Workshop At Clara Global School

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], April 1: Encouraging young minds to be curious and explore new ideas is important in education. Recently, 1XL, an educational platform, worked with Clara Global School to organise a fun science workshop called “Magical Science.” The workshop was led by Jainam and Jivika Jain, who are the founders of the hit Youtube channel, JJFuntime and are co-founders of 1XL LLC FZ. The goal of the workshop was to make learning science enjoyable and interesting for students.

Clara Global School is known for its high education standards. It uses innovative teaching methods and works closely with the Speaking Tree Education Institution. The school’s curriculum is designed to encourage students to think creatively.

The workshop was held at Clara Global School’s Sinhgad and Ghorpadi campuses. It featured a series of hands-on experiments and demonstrations. Jainam and Jivika Jain’s presentation made difficult scientific ideas easy to understand and fun for the students.

Jainam shared his happiness about the workshop: “We are very glad to have worked with Clara Global School to plan this amazing workshop. We wanted to show students that science can be educational, interesting and magical. Seeing the students so eager to learn was inspiring.”

Jivika added, “Working with Clara Global School for the ‘Magical Science’ workshop represents what we aim for at 1XL. We want to help young minds by making science fun and easy to understand. We aim to awaken the superpower of curiosity in every child.”

The “Magical Science” workshop at Clara Global School included various exciting experiments that made learning science enjoyable and engaging for students. They learned about surface tension, saw the properties of a non-Newtonian fluid and learned about polymers. Other experiments included demonstrating pressure and depth, showing the impact of water flow rate on force and centre of gravity and creating a volcano. These hands-on activities taught scientific principles, created curiosity and encouraged students to learn about the world around them from a new point of view. 

The workshop showcased many interesting experiments, giving students a firsthand look at the wonders of science. The students enjoyed the workshop and many said they would like to attend similar workshops in the future. The success of the “Magical Science” workshop showed 1XL’s commitment to inspiring students through fun educational experiences.

“We are excited to have partnered with 1XL for the ‘Magical Science’ workshop,” said Mrs. Sarika Babar, Director/Principal of Clara Global School. “Science is interesting and this workshop showed our students how fun and exciting science can be.”

“We are proud to support events like the ‘Magical Science’ workshop, which aims to inspire and educate students,” said Mrs. Hemangi Kawade, Director/Principal of Clara Global School. “Events like this are important for shaping the minds of our future leaders.”

The workshop showed 1XL’s dedication to providing students with new and interesting learning experiences. By making science fun and easy to understand, 1XL aims to excite students to explore the world. The fun experiments helped students understand science better, made them curious to learn more and encouraged them to see things differently.

“I loved the program. My favourite project was putting a toothpick in a balloon. I thought we had to put tape on the balloon first, but it was different. I would be extremely happy if this program happened more often,” said Gaurav, a Grade 5 student.

“The science workshop was amazing! The children learned a lot and gained confidence. The experiments were simple and applicable at home. Thanks to the team for motivating our children!” added Mrs. Tulsi Kanani, Science Teacher.

1XL’s workshops, like “Magical Science,” aim to engage students in hands-on learning experiences that foster curiosity and a deeper understanding of the world. By making science enjoyable and accessible, 1XL is helping students develop a passion for learning that can last a lifetime. These workshops also showcase innovative teaching methods that can benefit students worldwide and shape the future of education.

The workshop was attended by Clara Global School students, who actively participated in the experiments. It showed how important it is to have fun and interesting ways to learn that help children grow and learn new things. This kind of experience can make a big difference in how kids think and learn.

The workshop was a big success because the students were excited and eager to learn. 1XL’s commitment to inspiring young minds through workshops like “Magical Science” is nurturing a generation of inquisitive and creative learners.

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