Explore the Ultimate Wildlife Experience at Sisai Park Village Chitwan, Nepal

Chitwan (Nepal), July 1: Sisai Park Village Resort is the best resort in Chitwan, Nepal that offers an exceptional wildlife experience. It’s not just another staycation place or a safari-focused resort but a very interesting blend of both worlds. This iconic destination is just the perfect place for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. If you want to soak yourselves in the beauty of Nepal’s fascinating natural habitat, this place is a must-visit. Read on to learn about the experiences awaiting you here.

What attracts you to Chitwan National Park?

Sisai Park Village Resort at Chitwan National Park is the best resort in Chitwan, Nepal with dense forests, musically flowing rivers and captivating biodiversity. Not just a few, the park is home to a variety of wildlife, Jungle Safari Village in Nepal, Best resort in chitwan national. You will find the majestic Bengal tiger, the gorgeous one-horned rhinoceros, and the glorious Asian elephant. Then there are numerous species of birds that one can spot. It’s actually a paradise for bird watchers!

Where to stay at Sisai Park Village Chitwan?

You can comfortably choose from different accommodation options. Each of them beautifully blends luxury with nature whether you go for cozy cottages to lavish suites. Every room has all modern amenities in place so you have a comfortable stay amidst nature. The resort is as premium as it is sustainable.

Safari Adventures

The highlight of a visit to our resort is definitely the safari experience. There are many types of safaris each with a special way to explore the park:

Jeep Safari: It’s a thrilling guided ride through the jungle. You can venture deep into the park and have the chance to spot the rarest species.

Elephant Safari: Ride atop a majestic elephant to experience the park and watch the other inhabitants up close.

Canoe Safari: Glide in a canoe along the serene Rapti River to observe aquatic life, bird species and wild crocodiles.

Walking Safari: It’s an immersive safari led by very knowledgeable guides. Walk on as you learn about the park’s ecosystems and spot wildlife.

Cultural Experiences

In addition to wildlife safaris, the best resort in Chitwan, Nepal offers cultural experiences. Guests can have a deeper understanding of the local Tharu community by enjoying traditional dance performances, visiting nearby villages and learning how to prepare local food items.

Bird Watching

Name a bird you want to spot and chances are you can in Chitwan National Park. It is a haven for birdwatchers. Imagine over 500 species of birds! Early morning tours are arranged that are led by expert guides for walking and bird-watching.


Sisai Park Village Chitwan actively participates in wildlife conservation programs and sustainable tourism practices. In fact, guests are encouraged to participate in activities like planting trees as an act of preserving the ecosystem.

Adventure Activities

The resort also offers various adventure activities like zip-lining, river rafting, and cycling tours. Enjoy the action amidst a scenic landscape. It’s really an exciting way to experience the natural beauty of Chitwan and burn some calories.

Relaxation and Wellness

After a long day of adventure and activities, it’s time to unwind. Sit by the pool or take a dive. Continue with your meditation or yoga sessions in a peaceful setting. It’s a wonderful opportunity to relax and breathe in the best quality air.


Not to miss the delightful food! The resort’s restaurant offers a fabulous menu that has both local and international cuisine. Savour your favourite dishes or try some traditional Nepali recipes prepared with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Have a heart meal enjoying the panoramic views.

Best Time to Travel

We suggest considering the ideal time to plan a trip to Chitwan which is normally from October to March. You will experience pleasant weather and most wildlife sightings. Get a full package for the utmost comfort and memorable time that includes rooms, meals and a safari.

Sisai Park Village Resort is the best resort in Chitwan, Nepal providing the ultimate wildlife experience and a chance to relax in nature. Plan your visit today and enter into the wild heart of Nepal!

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