Reflecting on the Patriotic Outlook Challenge by Rolling Authors

New Delhi (India), February 8: In honor of Republic Day, Rolling Authors hosted a “Patriotic Outlook Challenge” which was an open call to people from diverse backgrounds to share their perspectives on patriotism. The challenge was judged by Dr. Sapna Sharma, a TEDx Speaker, an author and a medical doctor turned counselor.

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The challenge turned out to be a reminder of community celebration. We’re proud to share the top 10 entries of the Patriotic Outlook Challenge. Let’s see how patriotism is perceived through the eyes of different people.

Patriotism, a flame within the heart, burning brightly for one’s land. It’s a fervent devotion, an unwavering allegiance to the soil that cradles one’s roots. In the tapestry of a nation’s story, patriots weave threads of sacrifice, resilience, and pride. It’s the anthem sung with conviction, the flag unfurled with honor. Patriotism isn’t blind allegiance but a commitment to nurturing the ideals that define a collective identity. In the face of challenges, patriots stand united, resilient as oaks. It’s a force that transcends borders, binding diverse souls under a common narrative. Patriotism is the heartbeat of a nation, echoing through time.

             —Biswatosh Sinha

What is patriotism?

When a mother sends her son to serve the country, that’s patriotism,

When a soldier leaves his beloved family for the sake of the nation, that’s patriotism, When the police force patrols the streets at night to ensure people’s safety, that’s patriotism,

When an officer turns down a bribe, that’s patriotism,

When a citizen raises his voice against those who seek to divide us, that’s patriotism, When the tricolor unfurls, filling our hearts with pride, that’s patriotism,

When a young child loses their father to the call of duty, yet salutes the flag, that’s patriotism.

The passion to do something for our country, the fire to never let our flag down, the love for which we are ready to die,

Patriotism is an emotion, we can’t deny

—Manha Shamsi

Patriotism means being devoted towards our country. It’s a profound feeling that an individual experiences in following their culture and values. It’s about being united despite different perspectives, and working together to make our country a better place to live in. It’s about performing our duties. It’s about respecting the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters.

—Rinki Balot

Patriotism is the religion of the whole nation. It doesn’t carry any expectations & is with unconditional love of highest order. It is the surrender of one’s soul for the nation.

 —Narendra Kumar Chhabra

Patriotism is like a big hug for our country. It’s when people really love where they live. Imagine our country as a giant, colorful puzzle. Each person is a piece, bringing their own story and making the picture complete. It is about people caring for their country, just like a warm feeling inside. Our country is like a cozy quilt, made strong by the bravery of those who came before us. Patriotism isn’t strict or unchanging; it’s alive and growing. It’s like a garden where we all belong, mixing the smells of freedom with the colors of kindness. Together, we’re creating a bright and shared future, much like painting a beautiful picture with the moments of our lives.

—Aman Shekhar

Here’s the day that comes with heart-melted feelings. No Indian can ignore the sacrifices of lives from our freedom fighters who fought for our liberty and democracy. Getting something is difficult but how you maintain that, that’s crucial. And to maintain safety, security, liberty, secularity, sovereignty, and many more, our constitution was adopted on this day after so many conflicts. It’s not only about loving your nation but also considering each & every individual as a part of our family. Being Indians, it’s a reminder that we should stand by each other. It’s our responsibility to stay united till our last breath & value our nation’s identity.

Nowadays, several social aspects require change. I hope all those will be transformed if we remain together & make decisions wisely for the betterment of the nation.

— Priyanshi Mohanty

As the flag unfurls,

Each face beams &

Every heart swirls.

Sacrifices & struggles,

make a nation’s core:

least one can do is

uphold its image,

add to its pride galore.

Forefathers gave their all

to free the nation so

no peril on it ever befal.

Protecting it now,

let’s give a clarion call:

pledge to be honest & kind,

to all our brethren & set

the tone for ties that bind.

We’ve come a long way,

it’s the 75th Republic Day:

patriotic fervor has all in sway,

igniting the torch of freedom

Each drop of blood is precious today.

—Suverchala Kashyap

Ye desh hmara hai

Or hmko tiranga jaan se pyaara hai..

Iski shaan mai keh bhi krna gvara hai..

Sbse nirala Bharat desh hmara hai..

Kaii sanskritiyon se milkr bna ye nirala hai..


Iski mazbooti ka aadhar hmara aapsi bhai-chara hai..

Hum sbko milkr ye kadam uthan hai.

Ek-duje ka hath pkdkr manzil ki aur bdhana hai…

Kyunkiii ye desh hmara hai..


Hmara lakshay iska gaurav bdhana hai..

—Zara Fareen

“Patriotism can be defined as having a strong sense of love, devotion, pride, and sacrifice for one’s nation and belonging to it. This is a common experience that celebrating national festivals such as Independence Day or Republic Day brings a strong sense of patriotism to our hearts. This inherent quality is always present more or less in all people, except those who betray their country for personal gain. I believe that all the people who perform their duties properly and care for their fellow citizens are patriots. Moreover, patriotism motivates us to make positive contributions to our country and its people.”

—Ravi Ranjan Goswami

The year 2024 has begun well with the Pran pratishtha of Ram Lala at Ayodhya Lord Ram does not spell of any religion but a thought where everyone is equal irrespective of race, religion, region, sex, caste or creed. Patriotism means love for the country and it prevails over everything else be it religious, social or personal beliefs and prejudices. Presently India is on the path of ascendency be it economically, politically or in the field of space technology, science and technology etc. Patriotism should not only involve being proud of our rich heritage but also to transcend over parochial and limiting beliefs emanating from religious, regional or socioeconomic and political considerations. On this Republic Day let us take a pledge that we shall keep the flame of patriotism alive in our hearts and not succumb to anything negative.

—Sandeep Singh

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