Gandant Global Introduces a Transformative Well-being Program to Tackle Layoff Challenges

New Delhi (India), January 31: With over 4.25 lakh tech employees losing jobs in 2023, and more than 36,000 employees being sacked in India alone. The layoff landscape paints a stark picture, with tech companies worldwide firing over 425,000 employees in the last two years. Startups, once symbols of innovation, now grapple with burnout and cutbacks. In the wake of the unprecedented rise in layoffs, Gandant Global- an organisation dedicated to promoting India’s rising consciousness segment takes a pioneering leap with the introduction of “Bounce Holistica,” a unique well-being and positivity program designed to navigate the challenging transition periods that follow professional upheavals, particularly severance packages and layoffs.

Bounce Holistica emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a much-needed well-being program that transcends industry tiers. This innovative initiative extends beyond economic considerations, aiming to build goodwill and positive karma for organisations grappling with the delicate task of downsizing. Driven by a holistic approach, the self-paced 7-day program spans 12 hours, providing ex-employees with a dedicated space to empower participants to detach from their organisational identity, find calm amidst uncertainty, and realign with their values and life purpose.

As studies reveal the overwhelming prioritisation of financial stability during layoffs, Bounce Holistica steps in to address the personal and social difficulties that accompany such transitions. With self-doubt eroding confidence and equilibrium disrupted by uncertainties, this program becomes a sanctuary for individuals seeking judgement-free assistance worldwide.

Ppriyal Lokhandvwala, Founder of Gandant Global and ICF Certified International Coach and Trainer, affirms the significance of Bounce Holistica, stating, “In times of change, the program gives unique opportunity to explore emotional intelligence, rediscover personal identity, and foster functional agility. Bounce Holistica offers a lifeline amidst the layoff scenario, providing a way to navigate these challenging times, fostering resilience, and nurturing mental wellness.”

Bounce Holistica unfolds over seven days, each dedicated to a crucial aspect of personal and professional renewal. On the inaugural day, participants embark on a journey of emotional self-awareness and resilience. Bounce Holistica acknowledges the intricate layers of emotions beneath logic and masks, offering tools to navigate the tumultuous seas.

Discovering personal identity beyond work labels, participants adapt to change with grace. The program encourages an adaptive response to change, providing clarity on the roots of happiness and the role of body intelligence in navigating analytical minds. The following days will be empowering with Functional Agility. Breaking free from the spiraling descent, participants liberate themselves from excess baggage and inner criticism. In the culmination, the program shifts perspectives, opening up a realm of possibilities. Participants celebrate their victories and strengths before taking the next leap. The transformative week is reviewed, and insightful questions become takeaways for future journeys.

Drawing inspiration from both eastern and western cultures, Bounce Holistica employs tools from neuro linguistic programming, kinesiology, cognitive behavioural therapy, subliminal sounds, and coaching techniques. Leveraging models such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions, Ikigai, David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness, and more, the program ensures a diverse and comprehensive approach.

This program heralds a new era, offering individuals not just a program but an odyssey of self-discovery and growth amidst career transitions. Bounce Holistica, by Gandant Global, emerges as a transformative force, shaping a resilient future for those navigating the intricate maze of layoffs. As we face the challenges of the current employment landscape, this program stands as a testament to the power of positivity, self-discovery, and holistic well-being.

About Gandant Global:

In the era of stress and uncertainty, KUMBH-Consciousness Fest offers assurance, direction, assistance and guidance through the medium one chooses. In Sanskrit ‘Gaanth’ means a knot and ‘Ant’ means end, so Gandant means the knot at the end. It is the nature of a well-tied knot to become tighter, the more we try to undo it. In daily lives the bigger and more complex the issue is, that much difficult it is to resolve it. Leaving us to seek guidance and assistance to navigate the complexities. 

Gandant Global, founded by Ppriyal Lokhandvwala, has been established with the aim to help people looking for answers from dependable spiritual guides. Assist in decoding the spiritual and mystical dimensions to provide positive directions and steer away from negative impacts to create a better future. The consciousness industry globally has been estimated at 214.34 million dollars which could easily be an underestimation. This industry across the world is highly unorganised and fragmented with multi-faceted practices, so putting a realistic number to it can be difficult. The biggest challenge that the industry faces is that of lack of trust and connecting with audience. Many people see it as just entertainment and many have inhibitions about approaching practitioners because of lack of trust. The aim of Gandant Global is to bridge the gap between the seekers – believers and the talented practitioners from various genres across the globe.   

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