The Academic City Boarding School Launches Comprehensive Career Guidance Sessions

New Delhi (India), May 31: Introducing The Academic City Boarding School, where learning and creativity merge to turn dreams into reality! This is India’s first career-oriented school, guiding students to aim high and achieve their goals. Renowned for its innovative teaching approaches and unwavering student support, it is set to transform the educational landscape. The school offers personalized career guidance and extensive assistance, ensuring every success story begins here.

In today’s job market, many individuals find themselves unemployed or in jobs they are not passionate about. Recent statistics show that approximately 30% of college graduates end up in positions that do not require their degree, and nearly 20% of young professionals change careers within their first five years. This misalignment highlights the urgent need for comprehensive career guidance and support for students from an early age.

The Need for Comprehensive Career Guidance

To cope with the evolving demands of the job market, students today need more than just academic knowledge. They require:

  • Insightful Career Guidance: Understanding various career paths and the required skills.
  • Skill Development: Acquiring essential hard and soft skills.
  • Real-World Exposure: Gaining firsthand experience and opportunities to observe and understand different work settings.
  • Mentorship Programs: Connecting students with mentors who can provide guidance and support.
  • Networking Events: Facilitating interactions with industry professionals through career fairs, guest lectures, and networking events.
  • The LEAP Program: Paving the Path to Success

To address these challenges, The Academic City Boarding School introduces the LEAP Program (Learn, Explore, Achieve, and Progress). This program is designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in their academic and professional careers.

The New Standard in Career Guidance

Starting this academic year, The Academic City Boarding School will host career guidance sessions every 15 days, offering valuable insights into a wide range of career options. These sessions are part of the school’s commitment to fostering an early understanding of career paths.

What to Expect in the Sessions:

Expert Speakers: Each session features industry leaders, career coaches, and professionals sharing their insights and experiences. These experts provide students with a realistic view of different careers, helping them understand the necessary skills and qualifications.

  • Personalized Guidance: Students receive tailored advice and mentoring to make informed decisions about their academic and professional futures. This approach ensures that each student’s unique interests and strengths are considered.
  • Diverse Topics: The panel discussions will cover a wide range of career options, from emerging industries to traditional professions. Whether students are interested in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Architecture and Construction, Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications, Business Management and Administration, Education and Training, Finance, Government and Public Administration, Health Science, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Services, Information Technology, Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security, Manufacturing, Marketing, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics, Energy, Fashion and Interior Design, Media Arts, Public Services, or Biotechnology, there will be sessions designed to cater to their interests. Students can openly discuss their interests and passions without hesitation, gaining the confidence to talk about their goals.
  • Networking Opportunities: Students can network with professionals, gaining insights into various industries and building a strong professional network early on.
  • Mentorship Programs: Opportunities for long-term mentorship with industry professionals provide ongoing support, advice, and guidance.
  • Interactive Workshops: Students participate in workshops to develop practical skills and gain hands-on experience, actively involving them in their career planning process.
  • Real-World Experiences: Site visits to companies and organizations offer firsthand experience in fields of interest, providing valuable insights into daily operations and challenges.

New Academic Year, New Career Guidance Sessions at The Academic City School

The Career Guidance Sessions are launching, featuring a distinguished panel of esteemed guests. These professionals will mentor students, sharing their journeys, professional experiences, and insider knowledge about succeeding in their respective careers. Experts from renowned multinational corporations such as Bosch, Accenture, JP Morgan, and more are expected. These industry leaders will provide invaluable insights and guidance, helping students navigate their career paths with confidence and clarity.

Highlights of the Sessions:

  • Hear inspiring stories from panelists, tracing their paths from childhood dreams to current roles in leading companies and startups.
  • Engage directly with experts, who are ready to answer all questions and clear any doubts about different career paths.
  • Get guidance on whether a particular career aligns with a student’s passion, skills, interests, and personality.
  • Gain expert strategies, tips, and guidance to excel in entrance examinations and interviews for professional courses.
  • Receive personalized advice on selecting the best institutions for education, tailored to unique interests and goals.

Learn about essential soft skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving that are crucial for success in any career.

Benefits of the Career Guidance Sessions:

  • Empowering Students for a Bright Future: Monthly Career Guidance Sessions provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue their dreams and take control of their futures.
  • Making Students Well Informed: These sessions keep students updated on the latest career trends and opportunities, aiding them in making decisions about their education and career paths.
  • Inspiring Students to Excel: Featuring successful professionals as guest speakers, these sessions inspire students to pursue their passions and strive for excellence through shared stories and advice.
  • Applying Knowledge Practically: Students learn to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings, gaining skills directly applicable to their future careers.
  • Building Confidence: Interactive workshops and personalized guidance help students build confidence, present themselves professionally, and approach career challenges with resilience.
  • Avoiding Unsatisfactory Career Paths: Early guidance and support ensure students avoid unsuitable careers by presenting various options and helping them develop necessary skills.
  • Planning for the Future: The sessions help students strategically plan their academic and career goals, ensuring they are well-prepared to enter the workforce and achieve their long-term aspirations.

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