Vygr Media Launches the revolutionary PAABA: Building Podcast IPs for Brands as key Business Asset

Within just the first week of its introduction, PAABA has seen an unprecedented success rate, with 90% of pitched clients choosing to engage with the service

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 18: Vygr, a forward-thinking media company, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative service, PAABA (Podcast as A Business Asset), designed to empower brands with the tools and insights needed to launch and sustain successful podcast channels. Within just the first week of its introduction, PAABA has seen an unprecedented success rate, with 90% of pitched clients choosing to engage with the service, underscoring the demand for specialized podcasting support in the market.

PAABA is a comprehensive service tailored for brands looking to explore podcasts as a dynamic component of their marketing strategy. Under the PaaBA Offering, Vygr will provide an end-to-end solution for a Brand looking to setup a podcast property for itself on its own handles – Services will include selecting a compelling podcast name to securing engaging guests from Vygr’s vast network, shooting the entire conversation, post-production and go-live and then promotion of the entire podcast series for engagement and reach. Vygr believes understanding audience interests and then devising the conversation flow is a meticulous task and being from the News media space, Vygr is well equipped to bring a unique combination of Brand visibility and superb content together – The holy grail of most Brand Outreach endeavours.

“The launch of PAABA represents a significant milestone for Vygr as we continue to innovate at the intersection of media and brand storytelling,” said Ms. Sonam Bhagat, Founder at Vygr. “The phenomenal uptake rate we’ve experienced is a testament to the untapped potential brands see in podcasts as a medium to connect with their audience on a deeper level.”

The success of PAABA within its first week highlights the efficacy of Vygr’s approach, combining strategic insight with creative expertise to elevate brands in the podcasting space. This venture is not just about creating podcasts; it’s about crafting a unique voice and platform for brands to share their stories, educate, and engage with their audience in meaningful ways.

Looking to the future, Vygr is committed to expanding PAABA, continuously refining its offerings to meet the evolving needs of brands and their audiences. With the vision of becoming the go-to partner for brands looking to leverage podcasts effectively, Vygr is set on pioneering innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

“We are thrilled with the initial success of PAABA and are incredibly optimistic about its future. Our goal is to redefine brand engagement through podcasts, making it a pivotal aspect of digital marketing strategies across industries,” added Prashant Pandey, Head of Business & Sales, Vygr News & Vygr Media.

For brands ready to embark on a transformative podcasting journey, PAABA by Vygr offers the expertise, support, and vision to make it a reality. Abhishake Das, Head of Content at Vygr News & Vygr Media commented, “All the way from conceptualizing a podcast series for a brand to executing it, promoting it and making it successful – an end-to-end solution like this is similar to the Event Management industry. The Podcast space has seen individuals working on brilliant ideas. Making this a mainstream asset for a brand which may be a cost of Brand visibility to begin with but then becomes a revenue-generating potential avenue is unheard of.”

About Vygr 

Vygr is a News Media Company founded in August 2022 by Ms. Sonam Bhagat with an aim to capture the attention of tech-savvy Indian audiences with meaningful informational content – both generated inhouse as well as uploaded by informational creators across the Nation. As part of its media business, Vygr Media has been at the forefront of digital storytelling and innovative content solutions making it one of the most promising new media brands of 2024. 

The Podcasts and Video-enriched content that Vygr leads with on all kinds of informational content for its users as well as its advertisers has heralded a new space for India’s informational creators with keen interest in Business, Tech, Entertainment, Politics and Sports. 

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