Top 5 Benefits of WPC Exterior Wall Cladding You Need to Know

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], May 4:
WPC Exterior wall cladding is the architectural element that adds to the strength and aesthetics of a building. The degree of these benefits varies with the material used for cladding. WPC is a material ideally suited for this purpose that offers exceptional durability, aesthetics, and strength.

Versa WPC Planks

Versa WPC plank is a versatile material that can be used for several applications such as exterior wall cladding, signage, fences and gates, louvers and ducts, soffit surfacing, and much more. The unique raw material composition of wood and PE plastics results in wonderful inherent characteristics that make Versa WPC planks the perfect choice for cladding and other exterior applications. Let us look at some of the outstanding features that set Versa WPC planks apart from other similar materials in the market.

Heat and UV Resistance

It is important that the exterior of your building does not get unduly affected by the heat and UV rays from the sun. Versa WPC planks are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and UV exposure. They do not lose their structural integrity or fade easily on exposure to the sun, thus retaining their superior good looks for a long time. This makes them suitable for exterior wall cladding in regions with extreme weather conditions.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is a crucial aspect when you design your building, from both the safety and regulatory angles. The material you use on the exterior of the building should be capable of providing this safety. Versa WPC planks are engineered to be fire resistant through the addition of fire retardants during manufacture. This ensures that Versa WPC external wall cladding offers an added layer of protection against fire for buildings and helps in obtaining fire safety certification.

Termite and Pest Resistance

Termite and other pest infestation can seriously harm the strength and integrity of your building. Wooden structures are extremely susceptible to such infestations. However, unlike natural wood, Versa WPC planks are not susceptible to termite or pest infestations. Termites and pests are less likely to infest or damage WPC wall cladding because it does not contain cellulose or other nutrients that attract them. This makes Versa WPC planks a durable and long-lasting choice for the exterior wall cladding of your buildings, especially under damp and moist conditions.

Easy Installation

Versa WPC planks are quite easy to install, unlike most other materials that require complex frames, cutting, and welding. They have an excellent screw-holding capacity and can be fixed on a remarkably simple framework. You do not require great technical help and expertise for the installation. Any local fabricator or fitter will be able to install the planks through traditional fastening methods or innovative interlocking systems. This can reduce installation time and labor costs compared to other cladding materials.

Customization Options

Versa WPC planks come in a wide range of sizes, profiles, and colors, allowing for customization to suit the design requirements of your building’s architecture and landscape. You have two different surface finishes on both sides of the planks and special textures and finishes to choose from that provide unimaginable flexibility in design. You can use Versa planks along with other materials such as stone, metal, or glass to achieve a blended or contrasting look. 

These special features make Versa WPC planks a versatile and reliable choice for exterior cladding projects, whether residential, institutional, or commercial, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.


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