Top 10 Innovative Leaders Transforming Industries: A Spotlight on Visionary Entrepreneurs 

New Delhi (India), June 27: In 2024, this group of visionary leaders is transforming industries and changing lives with their groundbreaking contributions. From cutting-edge technology and digital marketing to fashion media and eco-friendly toys, these personalities are driving significant progress. Their efforts span various sectors, including construction, jewelry, education, automotive, and media, showcasing a diverse range of expertise and impact. Entrepreneurs like Dr. Manoj Sharma of BORT Technology, Rakshith M Rajendra of Devaris, and Snehal Bansal of Mamamor are revolutionizing their respective industries with innovation and excellence. Meanwhile, leaders such as Abhishek Srivastava of Vinosha Group and Mitesh Singh of Construmart are redefining business practices and procurement processes. This dynamic group is united by a relentless pursuit of innovation, demonstrating resilience and a commitment to creating a better future.

1. Dr.Manoj Sharma ,Entrepreneur & CEO BORT Technology opc Pvt Ltd

Dr. Manoj Sharma is a name that resonates with innovation, passion, and a drive to solve real-world problems. He wears multiple hats, effortlessly transitioning from author to entrepreneur and CEO of BORT Technology opc pvt ltd, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the way we experience technology, Digital marketing, worldwide company formation, Corporate service provider & Press release expert globally. Dr. Manoj Sharma’s journey is an inspiring example of how passion, intellect, and a relentless pursuit of innovation can lead to profound impact. As an author, entrepreneur, and CEO, he embodies a philosophy of ‘think big, start small, and scale fast.’ His dedication to empowering others through technology is a testament to his belief in the power of human potential. BORT Technology is not just a company; it’s a testament to the transformative possibilities of innovation, led by a visionary leader who dares to dream big and build a better future.To learn more about Dr. Manoj Sharma and BORT Technology, visit:

2.Rakshith M Rajendra,Founder of Devaris Banglore

Rakshith M Rajendra is a prominent entrepreneur, ex-IT Professional, and fine art photographer. Operating under his brand “Devaris,” Rakshith has earned recognition for blending technical prowess with artistic vision, resulting in capturing life’s most precious moments with timeless elegance. He is a certified professional photographer and has international experience, the reason being that his images are elegant masterpieces.

Devaris isn’t just a brand; it’s a vision. It embodies the essence of life’s milestones, celebrating the beauty of motherhood, the innocence of new beginnings, and the enduring spirit of family and heritage. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of light and composition, Rakshith creates images that transcend mere documentation, transforming them into timeless treasures.Reach out to Rakshith M Rajendra at Devaris and let him capture the magic of your life’s most cherished moments.


Sreejesh Niramannil is not your normal fashion business boss. Together with co-founder of Alamode Fashion Media, this CEO offers a special combination of technological knowledge and artistic vision. After graduating with a B-Tech from Cochin University, Sreejesh polished his talents in the IT industry for eight years before not hesitating to challenge limits.

Before Alamode, he even started Maestrosoft Internet Technologies Private Limited, a Cochin software development firm. This encounter helps him to view fashion media from another perspective and use technology to produce a strong and creative visual language.

Founded in December 2023, Alamode Fashion Media rose quickly to prominence in Bangalore’s fashion industry. With an eye toward stunning film and photo creation, Sreej and his co-founder Sreelatha, are revolutionizing fashion media. From competent cameramen and lighting designers to talented post-production artists, their team of pros creates premium, interesting material that enhances companies.

But Alamode’s vision goes beyond simply beautiful images. They translate the core of fashion—which they grasp—into a compelling narrative. Their extensive offerings cover everything from marketing films and model casting to product runs and thorough video production. From journalistic photos to e-commerce catalogues and model portfolios, they are masters at distilling the core of fashion.

Apart from this, they also oversee Mode Define , a specific forum for fashion article submissions. Their dedication to the art of fashion is reflected in their will to promote the sector and share knowledge. Sreejesh Niramannil and Alamode Fashion Media are positioned to be a potent force in determining the direction of fashion media, with their sights fixed on growing into brand events and runway shows.

4. Mamamor Toys by Snehal Bansal – India’s Safest Preschool Toys, Trusted by modern health conscious aware parents.

Mamamor, founded by Snehal Bansal an Architect, a Serial Entrepreneur & a mother herself, offers safe, eco friendly, high-quality pre school toys loved by parents and children across India. Frustrated with lack of transparency & unsafe toys, Snehal created Mamamor to provide 100% safe, toxin free toys that are easy-to-clean & are eco friendly. These toys ensure hygienic play and peace of mind for parents.

Mamamor’s Brand Promise :

 1. Safety First: Pediatrician approved, BIS certified and third-party tested for safety.

2. 100% Non-Toxic Materials: Free from BPA, BPS, Phthalates, PVC, Lead, or Cadmium.

3.  Easy Sterilization: Toys can be boiled, microwaved, put in the dishwasher, or frozen.

4. Developmental Benefits: Supports brain growth, cognition building, dexterity, and creative play.

5.  Eco-Friendly: Products have low carbon footprint, durable, are repurposed and recycled.

Mamamor’s mission is providing safe, good for all, eco friendly play experiences, reflected in its sold- out products and rave reviews.

–         Website :

–         Snehal Bansal, Founder & CEO

–      Phone: +91-9833526557

5. Mr. Mitesh Singh,Founder of Construmart

Mr. Mitesh Sigh is a visionary entrepreneur and the driving force behind, a leading online marketplace for construction materials. With his passion for innovation and a deep understanding of the industry, Mr. Singh has revolutionized the way businesses procure and manage construction supplies.Construmart Online Pvt Ltd is emerging as a leading force in the building materials industry, offering a comprehensive range of products from TMT steel bars to finishes and RMC. Founded by entrepreneur Mitesh Singh, the company is committed to simplifying the procurement process and providing a seamless experience for customers nationwide. Visit today and discover the wide range of products and services available to make your next project a success.

6.Mr.Pradeep Chauhan, Founder of NP Jewels Gurgaon

Mr.Pradeep Chauhan believes that the key to success lies in unwavering commitment to quality. NP Jewels sources only the finest materials, from ethically sourced gemstones to precious metals of the highest purity. NP Jewels gurgaon Founded by the visionary Pradeep Chauhan, NP Jewels has established itself as a premier destination for exquisite diamond, polki, and gold jewelry in Gurgaon. Through his exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to quality, he has created a brand that is known for its exquisite craftsmanship, unparalleled designs, and customer-centric approach. NP Jewels is a testament to his passion, perseverance, and the transformative power of a dream. Visit their website at to explore their stunning collection and schedule a consultation today. Immerse yourself in a world of beauty and craftsmanship that will leave an unforgettable impression.

7.Mr.Nayan Verma, Founder Training Basket,Noida

Mr. Nayan Verma, the visionary behind Training Basket, is leading the way in Edu-Tech innovation by providing top-notch training in digital tech skills such as Data Science, Cloud Computing, Networking, Full Stack Java Development, and Digital Marketing. With over 8 years of experience, Nayan Verma connects talented individuals with promising career opportunities in the tech industry. Training Basket’s flagship products, including the CodeTest interview preparation platform and TeachPupil learning management system, further enrich its portfolio. Nayan’s dedication to innovation is the driving force behind Training Basket’s mission to bridge the gap between employers and skilled students, ensuring successful job placements. Discover more about their offerings at

8.Mr. Jay Sumit Patwa ,  Patwa Group , Director

A visionary business conglomerate based out of Nashik Maharashtra, marks a significant milestone – 30 years of uninterrupted success and growth. Founded in 1994 by Mr. Sumit Satish Patwa,Group Chairman the group has established itself as a trusted and reliable name in the industry, with a diverse portfolio spanning FMCG, mobiles, consumer durables, insurance, furniture, and automotive dealerships.

Under the leadership of Mr. Jay Sumit Patwa, Patwa Auto Drive Pvt Ltd has revolutionized the automotive dealership business, expanding its team and establishing state-of-the-art facilities. With a strong foundation built on values of trust, transparency, collaboration, inclusivity, growth, recognition, respect, and accountability, Patwa Group has fostered a culture of innovation, customer satisfaction, and community engagement.

With a commitment to excellence and a vision to innovate retail, satisfy customers, and expand into growing sectors, Patwa Group looks forward to venturing into the manufacturing sector and associating with more retail sector brands, further expanding its business portfolio. As the group celebrates its 30-year journey, it reaffirms its mission to be a leading multidimensional group with a strong presence in growing sectors.

9.Abhishek Srivastava, Founder of Vinosha Group of Companies

With over 25 years of experience in IT, manufacturing, trade, and legal sectors, Abhishek Srivastava is at the helm of the Vinosha Group of Companies, driving its success. Two of the most recent advancements of Vinosha are:

1.         Vinosha Green: An e-vehicle showroom has been opened in Ghaziabad. It is an important step in saving our environment through the use of renewable sources of energy.

2.         Aarambh News: A news website of Aarambh News as well as YouTube channel has been started by Chetna Srivastava. She is a distinguished figure in the media industry with an impressive career spanning 24 years. Under her leadership, Aarambh News has flourished, becoming a trusted source of information for many.

Vinosha Group of Companies also deals in various sectors including:

1.  Vinosha Realty Private Limited: Engaged in the construction and architecture sector, managing construction projects.

2. Vinosha Portfolio Private Limited: Encompasses a range of financial services, investment, and portfolio management.

3.  Vinosha International Group Private Limited: Operates in international markets, focusing on entrepreneurship and trade.

4.  Vinosha Trade Private Limited: Manufactures and markets high-quality products.

5. Cafe Xtasi Private Limited: Operates in the food and beverage sector, including restaurants and cafes.

6.  Online Marketplace: Specifically connected to digital markets, offering various products and services on online platforms.

7. NGO (BL Foundation): Through this NGO, the company runs initiatives in social and environmental protection.

8. Legal Services: Provides legal advice and services, assisting in resolving legal issues.

Vinosha Group offers LegalShield plans for everyone through “Kanoon Ke Sipahi,” providing unlimited access to experienced lawyers.

Adopting a “Think Global” approach, they efficiently solve problems and accelerate production targets. Mr. Abhishek adeptly manages teams to foster discipline and professionalism, ensuring smooth operations across all sectors.

10.Ritik Makhija, Founder of  Project Mart

Ritik Makhija’s Project Mart is setting new standards in college project services with its unique approach. Employing subject matter experts across various fields, Project Mart guarantees high-quality, in-depth assistance for students tackling specialized topics. Their streamlined process ensures efficient completion of projects, saving students valuable time. Additionally, Project Mart offers a comprehensive range of services, from research and writing to editing and coding, catering to multiple aspects of academic projects. As a new and emerging startup, Project Mart is poised to launch project-based learning initiatives, emphasizing hands-on experience over theoretical study, thus enhancing students’ practical skills and knowledge. Through their efforts, Project Mart has significantly eased the academic burden for numerous students, boosting their learning experiences.

Learn more about Project Mart and their offerings by visiting their 

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