Timbre Media launches Podcaster Pro, a game changer in internal communication and talent management

The first-of-its-kind “content as a software” platform, Podcaster Pro offers organisations compelling content for internal communications, employee engagement, and other HR applications

New Delhi (India), February 22: Timbre Media, a pioneer in podcasting and internal company communications in India, has introduced Podcaster Pro, a groundbreaking platform that uses ‘content as a service’ to address the communication needs of companies. This unique service aims to harness the popularity of podcasts in the context of what a company typically wants to say to its employees. Besides company-specific content, Podcaster Pro hosts a diverse range of compelling content in partnership with domain experts in areas such as personal & professional development, leadership skills, POSH laws, wellness and infotainment. The breadth of content on Podcaster Pro allows organisations to address the unique needs and interests of every employee, making it a highly effective addition to existing talent engagement strategies.

Matthewkutty Sebastian, CEO of Timbre Media, explains that Podcaster Pro is a result of the company’s learnings from working closely with India’s leading corporates for over 14 years. He says, “We launched the first corporate radio for internal communication and HR applications in India in 2011. Podcaster Pro distills our learnings into compelling internal and general interest content, served on a single one-of-a-kind platform.”

Employee-centric workplaces enhance employee engagement & talent development

In today’s business landscape, organizations are adopting employee centricity as a game changer. Understanding and meeting the unique needs of individual employees is core to this philosophy. Podcaster Pro gives voice to employees, recognises their work and personal achievements and offers them content designed for growth.  It also stands out as a fresh departure from traditional mediums for internal communication like email. 

Challenges in Traditional Talent Management Approaches

A traditional one-size-fits-all approach can lead to communication bottlenecks, leaving employees feeling disengaged, undervalued and unfulfilled. Moreover, traditional approaches may not effectively cater to modern workforce requirements like flexibility, continuous learning, and career growth opportunities.

Podcaster Pro boosts employee development with dynamic and interactive content that empowers employees to take control of their growth. This platform also encourages social learning with tools that enable knowledge sharing amongst peers.

Podcasts + technology can transform talent management with Gen Z Indians

India now has over 150 million podcast listeners; nearly one in three urban Indians say they listen to podcasts once a day, and one out of four urban Indians say they listen to podcasts at least once per week.* That’s a big audience, which makes podcasts a powerful medium of communicating with Gen Z Indians. It’s no wonder then that the medium is gaining traction as an employee communication tool.

Thanks to the global intervention that was the COVID-19 pandemic, business organizations have had to adapt and survive while keeping their workforces engaged. Seetal Iyer, co-founder of Timbre Media, recalls that the company found itself at the centre of a countrywide pivot in communications strategy. “2020 was an inflection point for us, with several companies deriving substantive value from our communication offerings, podcasting, and video shows,” she says, adding, “we consistently engaged remote workforces on a variety of issues like Covid-19, vaccination, business continuity, rewards & recognition, and more.” 

Content Diversity with Podcaster Pro

That diversity of content Iyer mentions is where Podcaster Pro scores big. Communicate key messages to every individual in every location? Check. Employee engagement on a continuous basis without being intrusive? Check. Conversations about the workplace, initiatives, milestones, L&D, R&R that can reach every employee? Not a problem. 

The premium content on offer covers various aspects of the employee experience, like workplace and career advice and management wisdom from bestselling author Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, mental health discussions with renowned psychiatrist Dr. Ajit Bhide, simplified information about complex policies like POSH laws, 10-minute summaries of popular non-fiction books, advice on personal finance from award-winning experts and much more. 

But it’s not all work and no play. Podcaster Pro engages employees in the things they connect with. From pop culture and movie reviews (that don’t lie!) to wellness and lifestyle recommendations, daily hacks, and even super quick music lessons, Podcaster Pro ensures that users have access to a large library of content that aligns with their individual preferences. 

Iyer adds, “We are perhaps the only podcasters in India with the length and breadth of experience to help India Inc voice its commitment to employees and the external ecosystem.”

Podcaster Pro is a Step Up in UX/UI Technology

Another aspect that sets Podcaster Pro apart is its advanced user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) technology, making it easy for employees to navigate, discover, and consume content. MS Hemant, head of Tech-ops, and co-founder of Timbre Media, says, “We always employ state-of-the-art technology, staying current on emerging trends that advance content production, curation, delivery, and distribution. This holistic, tech-forward approach is a core value at Timbre Media, interlinking technology, business, and people.” 

Future Trends in Talent Management and the Role of Employee Centricity 

As talent acquisition and retention challenges continue to dominate CXO mindspace, employee centricity is expected to the secret ingredient in an organisation’s EVP strategy. The philosophy at the core of Podcaster Pro is the same one that drives modern HR best practices: by placing employees at the heart of their operations, organisations can unlock their true potential, drive success, and attract (and retain) the brightest talent. 

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