Shiprath collaborated with India Post for E-commerce customers and Franchise Business B2C and B2B shipments

Uttar Pradesh (India) March 22: Shiprath, a fast-growing courier company founded by Mr Sandeep Kumar Singh, has announced a strategic collaboration with India Post. This partnership aims to enhance delivery options for both domestic and international shipments, providing customers with greater flexibility and convenience.

“This collaboration is a huge step forward for Shiprath,” stated Mr. Sandeep Kumar Singh, Founder and CEO. “By working with India Post, we can ensure even more efficient and reliable deliveries across the country and internationally, ultimately providing a better service experience for our customers.”

The collaboration brings together Shiprath’s extensive pan-India network, covering over 38,000 domestic pin codes, and India Post’s established reach and infrastructure. This combined network will offer customers a wider range of delivery solutions, catering to the needs of e-commerce and courier franchises.

“We are excited to partner with India Post to strengthen our delivery network further and present our customers with a wide range of choices,” said a spokesperson for Shiprath. This collaboration will allow us to reach even more customers across India and internationally.”

Officials from both organisations attended the announcement ceremony, including Shri Parveen Kumar (Director of Postal Services, Ghaziabad), Shri Bhoor Singh Meena (Sr. Superintendent of Post Offices, Ghaziabad Division), and Shri Sandeep Kumar (Director, Shiprath). Other people in attendance included Harsh Nigam, Naresh Kumar, and Ritesh Tyagi.

Shiprath’s ambitious aim to open over 100,000 franchisees by 2030 focuses on developing a strong distribution network to speed up deliveries and create jobs.

Shiprath offers a tiered franchise program consisting of:

Unit Franchise: Represents the smallest operational unit, typically handling deliveries and logistics within a specific Pin Code area.

Local Hub Franchise: Manages one or more Pin Codes within a specific region, acting as a sub-branch office and coordinating with Unit Franchises under its purview.

City Hub Franchise: This franchise oversees and manages operations in a larger area comprising multiple Taluks and Local Hubs. It acts as a branch office responsible for coordinating and optimising logistics within its jurisdiction.

Master Franchise: This represents an area office managing and overseeing operations at a broader scale, typically encompassing 4-5 Districts. It strategically coordinates activities, manages resources, and ensures overall efficiency in the designated cluster.

Shiprath is committed to offering great customer service and has a dedicated 24/7 call centre at +91 96258 24593 or an e-mail service at This collaboration is a big step forward for Shiprath, strengthening its position as a market leader in India’s courier business.

About Shiprath

Shiprath is a rapidly growing courier company headquartered in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The company provides extensive services, including domestic and international deliveries, with a network of 220 international counters and partnerships with over 85 courier partners.

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