IRM India Affiliate Announces Level 1 Results for February 2024 Global Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Foundation Examination

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 1: Institute of Risk Management (IRM) India Affiliate has announced the results for their Level 1 February 2024 Global ERM Foundation exam. Jay Tanna, Student of Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi, secured the All-India rank with 88.67% in the Student Exam. Priti Nahar, Sr Dy General Manager, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited achieved the All-India rank with 88.23% in the Professional Exam. The Institute of Risk Management, headquartered in the UK, is the world’s leading professional certifying body for enterprise risk management qualifications and exams (Level 1 to Level 5) and has been driving excellence for over 35 years, across 143 countries.

Congratulating the rank holders, Hashveen Anand, Sr Manager – Exam Reservations, Institute of Risk Management (IRM), India Affiliate, said: “In the current era of global crises owing to factor like geo-political tensions, energy security, climate change, deep fakes, gig economy, AI, and inflation to name a few, organisations are facing unprecedented challenges. Amidst this complexity, organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of qualified risk intelligent professionals who can introduce a comprehensive approach to risk, thereby safeguarding their operations, reputation, and long-term viability. I warmly welcome the new cohort of budding risk-intelligent leaders to our global community and wish them success for their next IRM exam.”

Sr Dy General Manager, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, Priti Nahar said:

“Completing the IRM Level 1 ERM Foundation exam has been transformative, enriching my understanding of risk management. Embarking on the Level 1 journey was a pivotal moment in my career. Nominated by our HRD, owing to my tenure associated with CRO of Power Grid since 2016, this opportunity was both an honour and a challenge. The intensive training laid the groundwork for my successful attempt at the certification exam, achieving an All-India Rank. Learning the importance of a holistic approach to risk management and integrating it into organisational strategy has been invaluable. The support and study materials provided were indispensable and enhanced my learning experience. Applying these principles at work has refined our risk assessment processes, contributing to a more secure framework. For future candidates, immersion in study materials and engagement with the risk management community are essential. Encouraged by my Level 1 achievement, I eagerly anticipate pursuing IRM’s Level 2 qualification to further my professional development and am excited for the journey ahead.”

Jay Tanna, Student of Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi, said:

“My experience of embarking on the IRM’s Level 1 ERM Foundation Exam journey was truly an enriching one. Throughout this journey, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of risk management principles & practices, encompassing identification, assessment, and mitigation strategies. The study materials and especially the study support sessions explaining various case studies and citing real life examples have been influential in my understanding of the importance of risk management in an organisation. I am following my father’s footsteps who has completed all the five levels and is a Certified Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management. I too look forward to completing all the levels of the IRM’s exam starting with the Level 2 at the earliest and earning the IRMCert designation.”

In today’s environment, where businesses across various sectors face an increasing number of unexpected challenges, the development of a comprehensive approach to risk management is essential. In order to successfully navigate these uncertainties, it’s crucial to foster a strong and resilient risk management culture. This involves a strategic emphasis on enhancing risk intelligence as a critical skill set among students and professionals at all levels and across all functions. By doing so, these individuals can significantly contribute to their organizations’ capabilities to manage risks effectively. The IRM’s Global ERM exams are designed to equip candidates with the necessary expertise and knowledge in this area, ensuring they are well-prepared to add value and strengthen their organizations’ governance, risk and compliance management.

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About Institute of Risk Management, India Affiliate:

The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) is the world’s leading professional certifying body for ERM qualifications and exams (Levels 1 to 5). IRM also publishes research, guidance, and professional standards across the world. Our members (including members of the Institute of Operational Risk) work in all industries, in all risk disciplines, and across public, private, and not-for-profit sectors in more than 143 countries. With 360 exam centres in India, candidates can register for the ERM exams and start with the Level 1 entry stage exam evaluated by the AICTE (Ministry of Education, Government of India) and pursue the 5-level pathway to Certified Fellowship with designations at each stage after Level 2 and join a global community of risk-intelligent leaders.

PublicIRM India Affiliate has entered into knowledge partnerships with: Invest India, the National Institute for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (Ministry of MSME), The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), Ultra Tech Cement Limited, Cipla, Reliance Jio, Tata Consumer Products, HDFC Asset Management Company Limited and Bombay Chartered Accountants Society. IRM India Affiliate has also collaborated with NMIMS to launch India’s first professional programme in ERM covering IRM’s exams and, earlier, launched a report with AICTE (under the Ministry of Education) on ERM and the Indian Higher Education System. In collaboration with KPMG in India, they have also launched the first edition of “India Risk Taxonomy 2023”. IRM has ventured into the school segment through collaboration with Mindler to develop risk-literacy among children through Enterprise Risk Career Program. IRM India Affiliate has recently collaborated with NISM (SEBI’s Educational Arm) to launch the Enterprise Risk & India Regulation Online Course (ERIRC) to bolster risk and compliance in India Inc. More information on IRM’s qualifications, exam updates, and other details are available at –

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