Culture Circle: Now India’s No. 1 Hype and Luxury App for sneakers, fashion, apparel and more

New Delhi (India), February 20:  Culture Circle, a go-to destination for buying an authenticated collection of luxury sneakers like- Air Jordan 1s, Air Jordan 4s Dunk Low & Highs, New Balance, Yeezy, Streetwear like Fear of God, Antisocial Social Club, Essentials, luxury fashion, and watches, has emerged as India’s #1 Hype and Luxury App in the shopping category just months after its launch.

Founded by industry veterans Devansh Jain Nawal (IIM Ahmedabad, Ex-Goldman Sachs) and Ackshay Jain (Ex-Google), Culture Circle offers a range of coveted brands like Air Jordans, Yeezys, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, and Gucci Essentials all of which you can buy at lowest prices online in India. 

The platform boasts several features that set it apart, including:

Unbeatable Prices: Culture Circle leverages its extensive network of verified sellers to offer the lowest prices in India on sought-after items, acting as a “Trivago for sneakers.”

Massive Selection: From everyday favorites like Dunk Lows and Air Jordan 1s to rare finds and trending styles like Air Jordan 4 Pine Greens, Culture Circle caters to every taste and budget.

Extensive Streetwear: The platform features a wide range of top streetwear brands like Anti-Social Social Club, Fear of God, Drew House, and Essentials, all at the lowest prices in India.

Rigorous Authentication: Culture Circle employs a strict 5-step verification and authentication process, including a “legit check report” unique in the industry, ensuring buyers receive genuine products.

Transparency and Reliability: Each sale is tracked and verified, and Culture Circle even offers a money-back guarantee if a better deal is found elsewhere.

Unparalleled Customer Service: The platform prioritizes exceptional customer service, building trust and loyalty among its user base. Therefore they have received exceptionally good ratings and reviews from their customers.

Ackshay Jain, the co-founder, says that “Culture Circle is a platform that offers a one-stop solution for all the sneakerheads and collectors. We’ve put in a lot of hard work to ensure a very smooth experience pre-purchase and post-purchase in an endeavour to serve our customers in the best way possible”.

The platform prioritizes transparency and reliability, tracking and verifying each and every sale. This commitment to quality and value has resonated with Indian consumers, propelling Culture Circle to the top spot in its category. No wonder it has become the biggest marketplace for sneakers and hyped streetwear all across India.

 The platform has achieved impressive milestones, including

#1 Ranking: Recognised as India’s #1 Hype and Luxury App by Outlook India’s “Boom Time for Top 10 Indian Entrepreneurs” list.

Annualized GMV of $3 Million: Achieved within three months of launch, demonstrating rapid organic growth.

100,000 Monthly Users: A testament to the platform’s popularity and user engagement.

1,240 Verified Sellers: Ensuring a wide selection and competitive prices.

“Culture Circle is not just an online store,” says co-founder Devansh Jain Nawal. “We’re building a community where sneakerheads and luxury enthusiasts can connect, discover, and acquire exclusive pieces seamlessly.”

With its focus on innovation, authenticity, and customer satisfaction, Culture Circle is poised for continued success. The company plans to expand its reseller network, offer more products and features, and ultimately become the global go-to platform for hype and luxury shopping. Culture Circle is now set to soon expand globally as well.

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