Basilic Fly Studio Forges Ahead Towards Remarkable Growth in Animation and VFX Sector

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 9: Basilic Fly Studio Limited (BFS), one of the leading visual effects (VFX) studio, announces its strategic position and forthcoming growth initiatives, underscoring its commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry.

In alignment with the upward trajectory of the animation and VFX sector, BFS has strategically positioned itself to capitalize on emerging opportunities. The company has secured a series of domestic projects featuring industry superstars, signalling its strong market presence and creative acumen.

Key highlights of Basilic Fly Studio Limited’s growth endeavours include:

Previs for Video Game Cinematics: Embarking on a 10-month journey with a top-tier gaming company, this project symbolizes the company’s dedication to lasting partnerships and creative brilliance, with an estimated revenue of 25 million INR.

Blockbuster Sequel: Projected to rake in a substantial revenue of 180 million INR over 10-11 months, this sequel underscores BFS’s prowess in delivering compelling visual narratives.

Exclusive Vendor Project: Set to kick off in September 2024, this extensive venture spanning 8-10 months and comprising 10 episodes showcases the company’s collaborative spirit and comprehensive service offerings, with a revenue forecast of 340 million INR.

June 2024 Project: Commencing early June 2024, this project encompasses around 500 shots and is expected to generate revenue of 200 million INR, highlighting the company’s agility in meeting evolving market demands.

Product Modelling Project: Currently in progress, this project involves crafting hundreds of models per week for esteemed eyewear brands, with a duration of 3-4 months and an anticipated revenue of 45 million INR.

These endeavours provide a glimpse into Basilic Fly Studio Limited’s robust pipeline before September 2024, demonstrating its unwavering dedication to innovation, excellence, and client satisfaction.

Mr. Balakrishnan, Managing Director and CEO of Basilic Fly Studio Limited, remarked, “We are excited about the opportunities on the horizon and are poised to chart new territories in the realm of animation and VFX. Our team’s dedication to excellence and our strong client relationships positions us for continued success in this dynamic industry, resulting in a significant order book.

As Basilic Fly navigates the dynamic landscape of the VFX sector, we remain steadfast in pursuit of excellence and innovation. With a keen eye on the opportunities on the horizon, Basilic Fly is poised to chart new territories in the realm of animation and VFX.

We extend our gratitude for the unwavering support and looks forward to continuing the journey of growth and success together with our clients and partners.”

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