#3BROS, Led by Ashish Tripathi, Transforms the Banqueting Industry and Spurs Economic Growth

#3BROS, originally a renowned family restaurant and party venue, has successfully transitioned into the banqueting sector post-COVID, addressing critical issues and revolutionizing the industry with innovative solutions. Under the leadership of co-founder and serial entrepreneur Mr. Ashish Tripathi, #3BROS BANQUET aims to standardize and streamline the highly demanded but labor-intensive wedding sector.

Identifying Industry Challenges: Mr. Ashish Tripathi (Post graduate from The Paul Merage School of Business in California, USA, and an alumnus of IIM Lucknow. With over 20+ Years of experience across IT, real estate, banking, the start-up ecosystem, private equity, and hospitality, Ashish is a seasoned professional and serial entrepreneur. He has founded three startups, including #3BROS,  and serves as a strategic mentor for 5+ other start-up’s including WAFI MEDIA MARKETING SOLUTIONS PVT LTD).

Observed several challenges plaguing the banqueting industry, including:

  • Seasonal fluctuations in demand
  • Lack of standard pricing and service mechanisms
  • Inconsistent food quality
  • Surge pricing during peak seasons
  • High maintenance costs for banquet owners
  • Reliance on low-wage, unskilled labor
  • 100% manual processes
  • Management of numerous small to medium vendors

These challenges resulted in a fragmented and inefficient market, akin to the real estate industry, with significant pressure on both owners and clients, particularly during the peak wedding season from November to February.

Innovative Solutions: In response to these challenges, #3BROS BANQUET introduced a comprehensive solution offering peace of mind to banquet owners by providing:

  • Confirmed bookings during low seasons
  • Free marketing and sales solutions
  • A single point of contact for all marketing and sales support
  • Guaranteed business throughout the year ensuring constant cash flow
  • Reduction in the need to purchase leads
  • A free operations team to manage events

This approach has allowed banquet owners to focus on improving the quality and maintenance of their venues, knowing that #3BROS BANQUET will fill their empty dates and provide guaranteed business even during low seasons.

Standardized Services for Customers: For end customers, #3BROS has established itself as a game-changer, akin to what Zomato did for restaurants and Uber for taxis. Customers now benefit from:

  • Uniform rates across all banquets
  • Standardized function packages for all events
  • Consistent food quality
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • All-inclusive deals covering every aspect of the function
  • Comprehensive vendor services including DJs, decor, fireworks, bands, and artists

Economic Impact: Since its inception, #3BROS BANQUET has expanded operations across East Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Greater Noida, partnering with over 100 banquets and farmhouses. This expansion has generated millions of dollars in revenue for banquet owners and significantly reduced overhead costs for clients.

Moreover, #3BROS has created over 3000 direct and indirect jobs in the unorganized sector, contributing to economic growth and stability. The company’s innovative model has proven to be a win-win solution for all stakeholders involved, mirroring the success stories of platforms like Uber, Ola, and Zomato.

About #3BROS: #3BROS is committed to revolutionizing the banqueting industry by providing standardized, efficient, and customer-centric services. With a focus on quality and consistency, #3BROS aims to set new benchmarks in the industry, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for both banquet owners and customers.

Mission: To revolutionize and organize the banquet industry, creating a WIN-WIN scenario for both customers and banquet owners.

Vision: To become top banqueting company which streamlines the customer experience by providing standard pricing, services and taste

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